To help make life that much easier, CamArmer allows you to activate/deactivate your Y-Cam camera motion detection settings at the press of a single button.

With CamArmer, there is no need to log into each camera through a Web interface, it does all the hard work for you. Simply enter your camera URL, username, password, and give it a name. CamArmer will then connect to each camera in turn and notify you of each cameras status using intuitive red and green coloured androids.

CamArmer App Main Screen

Screen shot depicting CamArmer Android App


By turning your cameras ON or OFF, CamArmer allows each camera to activate your Email / FTP motion detection settings. This is ideal for any home or business with security in mind, who use Y-Cam cameras as part of their security solution. This app removes the need to be inside the property, or to manage individual cameras separately.

  • Do you have people to come in and feed your cats/fish/collect your mail ?
    • With this app, they can enter your premises by turning off an individual camera without compromising the remaining cameras in place, keeping your home safe from intruders.
  • Do you need to activate your cameras as you leave your business premises?
    • You can do that with this app, and it even allows you to manage ALL your cameras at the same time.

CamArmer now lets you see a live snapshot and video feed from a selected camera, letting you can see what your cameras sees in real time. This new feature also allows you to activate your Email / FTP motion detection settings whilst looking at these snapshots.


Give it a try on the Android OS