CamArmer Help

To begin using CamArmer , you must access the ‘Menu’, and select ‘Add New Camera’ – then simply give:

  • your a camera name
  • enter the camera URL
  • provide your username and password.

The URL you enter must contain http:// or https:// , a port number, and mustn’t be blank. If you do forget these, the app will remind you about what is missing before it is stored. once you have the correct details entered, can test to see if the app can connect to your camera using the ‘Test Connection’ button. To save the camera details, choose ‘Save’. Once a connection has been established, CamArmer will determine if your camera has the motion detection activated or not – indicated by a simple green android for ON, or a red android for OFF. You can now manage your motion detection settings for individual or all your Y-Cam cameras.

If the app was unable to connect to the camera during a test, you can still save your settings. This allows you to come back to the data entry screen at a later date, and enter the correct information. This can be accessed by editing the faulty camera through the menu, or via a long press on the chosen camera. A failed connection is shown as a yellow android on the main screen.

A failed connection can be due to:

  • incorrect settings entered for a given camera
  • no network connection on your phone
  • no network connection at the site of the camera
  • a fault with the camera

To make sure that a fault has not occurred, please refresh the cameras by pressing ‘Menu’ and then ‘Refresh cameras’. If the fault persists, please try to establish which of the above issues is causing the fault. If none of these are causing a failed connection, then please do email me so that I can try to help you get the app to work for you.

Please note, if you plan to leave your own network (wifi zone), you must have a DNS server set up to access the cameras using your mobile GPRS (2G/3G/4G) settings. You may enter your internal network camera URL (e.g., but these will not be accessible from outside your own network. Details of how to set up a dynamic DNS can be found on the Y-Cam website.